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The Difference Between Low Cost Spay/Neuters and Regular Clinics May Surprise You

by CAROLYN KARRH DVM , Feb. 2016 Below are snippets of a good article outlining the differences between low-cost clinics and full-service hospitals.  See complete article here.  February 23, 2016 – Originally published on!THE-DIFFERENCE/c1l9s/1   “For Pet Lovers:   I lost a patient this past weekend. I don’t know why and I will likely never know, as the owners […]

Benefits of Laser Therapy for Post-Operative Complications on the Skin

by Dr. Ramón Nieves

Minnie Mouse is a 7-month-old female Chihuahua that presented to us for a spay. Because of her outstanding whiz and high energy level, she managed to take off the Elizabeth collar that was preventing her from licking the incision. This resulted in a superficial infection and inflammation at the incision.

National Kids & Pets Day

For most of us, kids and pets go together in our day to day lives. Today, on National Kids & Pets Day, we thought we’d share with you some fun facts and tips to keep in mind when showing our little ones (fur and human!) safety. A furry best friend can be the most rewarding […]

A Healthy Bird Has a Healthy Beak!

Who says opposable thumbs are required? If you’ve ever seen your bird tear into a toy, delicately pick her favorite nuggets from her food dish, or climb down the cage bars upside down, you’d realize that a bird’s “essential thumb” is her beak. A bird’s beak is used for tasks small and large, from preening […]

It’s just a “fatty” mass…not!

(by Dr. Ramón Nieves) Nobody knows their pets better than their “two legged” parents. That’s why it’s no surprise when an owner tells you “that mass was not there before” or “it has been growing fast”. These are important things to pay attention to, as doing so might just save a pet’s life. This was […]

Online Pharmacies Do’s & Don’ts

Products you should be buying through your vet & what to look out for Information gathered by: Anna Deason, CVT & Edited by: Jessica Nuñez At first glance, online pharmacies can seem like a great idea to get a deal for an otherwise pricey product for our pets. Especially since most of us have more […]

Case Study: Importance of Dental X-Rays

These pictures illustrate the importance of taking dental x-rays at the time of the dental cleaning. This was the tooth of a 14 yr. old standard poodle. She wasn’t showing any obvious signs of discomfort (like most do) so the owners never knew. The pet had previous dental cleanings but x-rays where never done or […]

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