For most of us, kids and pets go together in our day to day lives. Today, on National Kids & Pets Day, we thought we’d share with you some fun facts and tips to keep in mind when showing our little ones (fur and human!) safety.

A furry best friend can be the most rewarding and beneficial gift we can give to our little ones. Responsibility, friendship, and manners with animals are just a few things that growing up with pets teach our kids. It also helps our pets socialize and play! Here we have a few tips to help teach kids how to act around pets.

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Giving them space

As much as most of us animal lovers want to hug every cat and dog on the planet, many of them may take that the wrong way. Especially with new friends. Letting pets come to you at their own pace is key. Don’t run up to them! Some pets may take this as a threat, so it’s important to show our excitement in respect for their space. Not every pet is the same! Some pets can be patient and calm while others are scared easily.

Keep your hands to yourself!

We know how fascinating our pets are up close, but poking at prodding at our pets isn’t their favorite way to play. Rough housing can go wrong pretty quickly, and someone can end up hurt.

No one likes to feel cornered or bombarded. Especially when eating. If your pet’s having snack time, give him space! Many pets do not like to be bothered while eating, if food’s around- wait until their done to play or give them all your love.

Forced sharing isn’t caring

Pet’s don’t understand sharing like humans do, and can get aggressive if forced to share. Just like with their food, don’t take any treat or toy out of their mouths. Let them come to you for play time!

Use your inside voice

Our pet’s hearing is more sensitive than ours, don’t shout at your furry friends! This can scare your pets and even make them think that they did something wrong when they didn’t. Talking at your normal or ‘inside’ voice will help them stay calm and listen easier. No one likes to be screamed at!

In the end, growing up with pets is an amazing experience and can teach our kids responsibility and friendship. Remember to show your little ones the proper way to behave around pets of all kinds! Happy National Kids & Pets Day!

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