“What an awesome experience for both myself and my dog. The staff was very welcoming and friendly. This was Dash’s first visit to the vet and I know she can’t wait to go back. She was showered with treats and a toy to go home with. Dr. Nieves was very thorough in explaining exactly what to expect and giving me any information I inquired about my puppy’s health. You can tell everyone there truly cares about the animals they see.”


Ruby just wanted to say Thank You to the wonderful staff who helped her at her first appointment, especially Anna and Dr. Nieves. She loved the special treats! 🐾 “


“Cicero and Phoebe love the wonderful staff at Del Mar Vet !!!!”

What a great staff !!!!! Thank you all so much !!”


Will definitely be coming back! Great atmosphere and very friendly staff! Definitely a fear free visit!

-Leslie Ann

“We could not have asked for a better experience at Del Mar! Everyone is amazingly friendly to pets and humans alike. The staff are all incredibly helpful and very knowledgeable. They responded to each and every one of our questions with patience and took the time to explain every detail of their policies, recommendations, and procedures. Their commitment to a fear free practice not only makes your pet more comfortable, but makes YOU more comfortable, too. By keeping the whole visit as soothing and positive as possible, it made both my kitten and I feel stress-free.

My mother and I feel so fortunate to have this veterinary hospital so close by. We are excited to continue bringing our kitten back to such a fun, happy, and educational environment! Thank you all at Del Mar so much!”

-Jessica V. E.

“Keiki here! My mom says that we needed to help spread the word about all the nice peanut butter distributors at Del Mar Veterinary Hospital, and I agree! That was the absolute bestest and fun experience I’ve ever had at the vets, in fact, I’m still not convinced it was actually a vet trip. The staff welcomed us by name, with smiles, pets, and peanut butter! They took the time to make sure I was calm and happy and had all the peanut butter I wanted, I didn’t even notice when they trimmed my nails and gave me my shots! Mom and dad said the entire visit was pleasant, positive and rewarding for all of us, and that everyone should go see Del Mar Veterinary Hospital! P.S. They have peanut butters!”


“Great service, great staff and a great facility! Great to have you in the neighborhood!”


“Great people who really care about your pet. They really treat your pet with care”


“Words cannot describe this veterinary practice. Like no other in St. Augustine. Dr. Nieves and his staff are top notch! Bentley pulls us in and does not want to leave! When does that ever happen…A dog excited when you mention going to the vet? You have to experience it with your pet to really understand why they are the best. State of the art technology and complete love and compassion!”


“Dr. Nieves is by far the best vet I have ever taken my dog to. Not to mention the staff is amazing! It’s a whole different experience than your regular vet. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all…We are extremely pleased with the services and medical knowledge here.”


“My wife is a long time pet activist. She is delighted to have re-found Dr Nieves. Such care, concern and professionalism not only from Dr. N but his staff as well. My wife said she wished she could find a primary care with the same commitment to excellence!”

“Dr. Nieves and the staff are incredible!! We have always felt that we are getting the best possible care for our dogs, and enjoy the inviting atmosphere that the staff and Dr. create here.”

-Prosceno Family

“Outstanding! We’ve trusted Dr. Nieves with the care of our “kids” for years. We wouldn’t think of taking them to anyone else. His knowledge, compassion, application of No Fear treatment, and phenomenal staff make DelMar Veterinary Hospital not just the best choice, but the only choice! The new facilities beat any we’ve seen in the area. Stop by and check them out. You won’t be disappointed.”

-Brian, Max, & Mike

“I left my storm phobic 7year old Akita Kimba in the care of Dr. Nieves and Melissa . They sent me pictures and gave her tons of love, I’m so happy I found them and highly recommend them for your veterinary and boarding care needs.”


“I was so impressed with the Del Mar Vet Hospital. The office is new and immaculately clean and the staff were kind and helpful. The doctor spent a long time examining my cat and talking to me about her. He believes in treating his animal patients very gently and gave my cat treats as he examined her. He also answered all my questions very patiently. My cat is normally terrified at the vet, but she was so calm she went to sleep at one point. The office is even designed and decorated in such a way as to be calming to pets. I definitely recommend the Del Mar Veterinary Hospital for the excellent and thoughtful care they provide.”


“We are so fortunate to have such an amazing vet hospital open up in our area. I have been putting off diagnostics for one of our cats but so pleased I finally addressed the issues at Del Mar. The staff exudes a real compassion for companion animals and from the moment I arrived, I knew Tolliver was in the best of hands. I was apprised of each step and felt involved in the process and the outcome. The environment is soothing and the doctor’s concern not just with the ‘illness’ but the entire experience, was so refreshing. I purchased the wellness package and actually did a double take when I saw the bill; I was convinced they had forgotten a ZERO! We will be back with our other critters and I would not be surprised if Tolliver was the first in line to return. THANK YOU”


“Dr. Nieves is the best. He loves our pets and it shows.”


“Dr. Nieves was extremely helpful and showed genuine concern for my pet, as usual.”


“Dr. Nieves…what to say…The Best, Attentive, and Caring Vet I Swear I have ever met…it works perfectly…”


“Dr. Nieves has been taking care of our three dogs for 1.5 years now. He has always shown our babies great compassion and love. If we have a question he has been there to help us understand. We highly recommend him!!!!! Thank you, Dr. Nieves!


“We feel so lucky to have found you!  Thank you so much for the dedicated care you have given to all four of our beloved standard poodles. You have gone above and beyond what we have experienced in the past with other veterinarians. As you well know, this has been a rough year with Tia Maria. I don’t know what we would have done without your calm guidance, good humor, and ability to see Tia through one crisis after another. We feel she is in the best hands possible and happily entrust the well-being of our whole gang to you. We see that you truly care about your work and that you treat our pets as you would your own. Thank you again for the wonderful job you do as well as your friendship (even if I did mispronounce your name for over a year!).”

-Una and Bruce

“I have taken my Yorkie Terrier,Penny, to Dr. Nieves. I trust him and his staff! We have always had great experiences with him. I recommend Dr. Nieves to everyone I know with pets and I would not take my dog to any other place. Dr. Nieves goes above and beyond every time he cares for Penny. He truly treats her as if she was his own–which is the most you could ask for a veterinarian. Dr. Nieves is the most knowledgeable, caring vet team in Northeast Florida.”

-Doushka C.

“Dr. Nieves saved our dog! In July of 2014 Cooper was diagnosed with tracheobronchitis. The doctor prescribed medication, sent him for radiology in August and determined our dog was very ill. Our dog had difficulty breathing, and appeared to be getting worse as the days went on. Dr. Nieves prescribed various medicines that did the trick. His condition had been severe; I think none of us were sure he would make it past being a puppy. By September, Cooper had gone from under 7 pounds to 14 pounds. He now is a thriving “little guy”. We do not think he would have made it without many prayers and the professional care and treatment by Dr. Ramon Nieves. Cooper hugs him each time he sees the doctor, and even when we say Dr. Nieves name, he perks up and wags his tale!”

-Linda and Paul

“Dr. Nieves has been an angel throughout the last year for our family. Through the sudden decline of our dear Jake’s health, Dr. Nieves was there every step of the way, even during his last moments. He is extremely professional, honest and kind. As we enter this new chapter with our adopted cat, we know our Nash is forever in good hands.”

-The Jones Family


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