It is always sad when a pet owner has to make a decision on doing what is best for their pet based on money – worse yet when an owner is faced with economic euthanasia. Pet insurance has come a long way and now offers a great way for you to protect your pet’s health.

At Del Mar Veterinary Hospital, we strongly recommend considering pet insurance coverage for your furbabies’ accident and illness-related medical expenses. We’ve done some of the research for you and one company seems to stand out: TruPanion pet insurance. TruPanion has a great reputation, offers great coverage, and has different deductibles to help make your monthly premiums affordable.

For those of you who enjoy digging deeper and doing some of the research yourself, there’s a great website we recommend you consider: . This site is neutral and does a good job of presenting the facts about pet insurance and helpful ways to make informed comparisons between different pet insurance companies.

Special Offer

  • TruPanion has a FREE 30 day trial policy. Sign up at our hospital immediately after your pet is examined by Dr. Nieves. No credit card needed for the 30 day trial policy. Your pet is immediately covered (no waiting period) while you investigate purchasing a policy

Who is eligible?

A pet who qualifies for a 30-day free trial may have been seen for any reason at all. Healthy, sick or injured, every pet who has not previously had a trial before is welcome to one following the appointment that brought you in that day. As with all insurance, the premium is based on the age and health of the pet when you purchase the plan.  So the sooner you sign up, the better!

How does it work?

  • Comprehensive exam: your pet will have a full exam by one of our doctors to evaluate their health.
  • Sign-up: you will be given a code for the 30-day free trial by a staff member, and we can even sign you up before you leave the office! If you sign up at home, you do have to sign up within 24 hours of the exam. You do not give any credit card information to TruPanion in order to activate your free trial.
  • Coverage: your pet will be covered for 30 days with a policy that functions just like a paid policy. TruPanion pays 90% of any necessary treatments less a $250 deductible per condition and waiting periods are waived during this 30-day trial.

At the end of 30 days, your policy lapses automatically unless you contact TruPanion and arrange to continue the policy by submitting payment. TruPanion will remind you with an email and/or text that your deadline is coming up, but you don’t need to worry about receiving multiple calls or emails about continuing. Also, signing up does not create any obligation for you. This is simply a gift from TruPanion in exchange for allowing them to send you information about their plans. There is no pressure for you to purchase a plan.

TruPanion Certificate Frequently Asked Questions



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