Our goal is to provide you a simple method for re-ordering your prescriptions with us. In order to do so, please keep in mind the following: 

For IN-HOUSE refill, please allow up to two business days for your refill request to be reviewed, filled and available for pick-up. We will not fill liquid medications or controlled substances until you arrive at the hospital. For safety, we review your pet’s records before refilling any orders. We will contact you to let you know if the medication can be refilled, and when it will be ready. 

IN-HOUSE Refill Pet Prescription

What if I want to order my pet’s prescriptions online from an OUTSIDE pharmacy?                                                                                                           

  • Veterinarian approval is required for any prescription medication, regardless of whether it is purchased in our clinic or requested through an outside pharmacy. Our veterinarians have the right to approve or deny any medication request based on the suitability of that medication for the patient. Each patient is required to have a valid doctor-patient relationship with our veterinarian and have been seen by our veterinarian within the past year for a physical exam.
  • For refills using an OUTSIDE online pharmacy, please note the following:
    • We can only authorize prescription requests from pharmacies which have a valid Florida pharmacy license. We cannot call in prescriptions to other states or countries. We cannot authorize prescriptions for pets never seen at our hospital.
    • Each online prescription requires the following before the request is processed:                                                                                                

If you need an immediate refill and confirmation please call us at 904-717-0777.